Welcome to BIG FIVE

When two close friends came together and decided to pursue their passion, they turned the wheel by taking over the reins of a proprietorship concern called ‘Kwality Paper Products’ and that is how ‘Big Five Inc’ was born. There was as suspected, a lot of deliberation to coin a name for our new partnership concern. In the game reserves and national parks of Africa, the Big Five represents safari royalty - the African lion, the African leopard, the African elephant, the Cape buffalo, and


Why Big Five


12 years of experience in the field of manufacturing Paper Stationery.


10 years of experience in Exports of Paper Stationery.

Customized Branding

100% Customized Branding, tailor-made products.


Optimal loading in containers owing to factory stuffing & self sealing permission.

Customers Networking

Extensive travel to meet Customers for hands-on feedback & networking.